I have recently completed all of the basic electronics programs at Victor Valley College, in Victorville, California... then I got interested in microprocessor technology and computers. When I was in high school, I couldnt wait to get out... now I can't get enough. My newest obsession is programming my 68HC11 mini computer in assembly language, Onlive Traveler (check out my Traveler Page), and creating Web Page Designs. I will spend hours at a time designing Internet Pages for people. Casey's Carpet is coming to an end and now I have started my own computer consulting and repair business. I love it... getting paid for something I enjoy.  

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CLICK HERE and I'll give you the shirt off my back
CLICK HERE & I'll give you
the shirt off my back

I have been clean and sober since January 10th 1993.  Life sure got different. I like hiking, camping, beautiful women, playing guitar, singing, and of course computers. I have a wonderful companion Roxy (my dog), who's been with me for over 7 years.

If you have one foot in Yesterday and one foot in Tomorrow , you're PISSING on Today

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